Talks on job satisfaction and efficiency with the man behind the 4-day work week

  • Get unique insight into how Henrik Stenmann has created a workplace where you can achieve a full week's work in just 4 days.

Photo: Stresskonferencen, Nicolas Cocedis

Talks about the 4 day work week with Henrik Stenmann

CEO and efficiency expert, Henrik Stenmann, has created a company that wins awards for their services and has been voted Denmark’s Best Workplace. He is a popular speaker for companies and management groups who want to achieve more in less time and have a workplace characterized by well-being and efficiency.

At Henrik Stenmann’s talks, he shares the inspiring story of his company, IIH Nordic. In 2014, the company was a burgeoning digital agency with exciting customers and projects – but also with long working days, many deadlines and pressed managers and employees. There was a need for change. A need to jump off the hamster wheel and fundamentally change the way they did business and be a leader. It became the starting point for a workplace revolution that implemented hundreds of initiatives to increase job satisfaction and efficiency. A revolution that culminated with the introduction of a 4 day work week in February 2017.

Photo: Stresskonferencen, Nicolas Cocedis

The story behind the 4 day work week

How an ordinary workplace could cut 20% of working time, resulting in less stress, better job satisfaction and increased turnover.

The crucial changes

Insight into the methods and techniques that have brought about the greatest change and made it possible for the employees of IIH Nordic to achieve more in a shorter time.

The first steps to change

Concrete tips for where to start - small changes for you and your workplace that will make you more efficient and less stressed tomorrow.

Maintaining motivation

The difficulty of maintaining motivation and change, and how to deal with the many bumps in the road in a long process of change.

Changed behavior and greater knowledge

The difficult practice of changing the behavior of an entire workplace and how knowledge and continuous education are key elements for success.

The road to a better workplace

A roadmap through the comprehensive process that lead to the success story of IIH Nordic - and can also create positive change for your business.


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