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A whole new way of working

“The Secret Of The Four Day Week” is not only the story of a company’s success in integrating shorter work weeks –  it’s much more than that. It is also the framework for a whole new way of working – a new way in which technology, automation and changing behavior are used to increase well-being and productivity – and reduce work pressure and stress.

Methods you can use

The book is not just the story of a company’s development history, it is also a detailed roadmap for how they achieved their results. A roadmap where you and your workplace can freely pick from methods, initiatives and tools that can improve your own working life.

At the same time, the book challenges our approach to working life and opens up completely new ideas about the future job market, due to the involvement of various experts and studies.

The company behind the change

The book is based on the history of IIH Nordic and, in particular, the founder, owner and CEO, Henrik Stenmann. It describes his and his company’s development history to this day, where they serve as a shining example of the future of workplaces and exemplify all the people who want to do away with a work culture characterized by wasted time, pseudo-work and unnecessary stress.

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“The Secret of The Four Day Week” was written by journalist and author Pernille Garde Abilgaard in close collaboration with Henrik Stenmann, CEO of the company, IIH Nordic, that introduced the world’s first 4-day work week.

Pernille Garde Abildgaard

Author Pernille Garde Abilgaard is a specialist in personal and collective efficiency, working to ensure the best use of working hours and cultivate optimal performance.

Pernille Garde Abildgaard is also a successful public relations and communication consultant for a number of companies, and has more than 10 years of management experience from both private and public organisations.

She is also a sought-after lecturer and has previously published the book Focus Gives Freedom – Good Advice on Working Methods in a World Full of Disruptions (2018).

Forfatter til "Manden der knuste kalenderen for at gøre sine medarbejdere lykkelige"

Henrik Stenmann

“Henrik Stenmann is an inspirational character when talking about working less and achieving more. As Founder and CEO of the company, IIH Nordic, he introduced a 4-day work week for all his 50 employees.”

The company is the world’s first of its size to have made such radical changes in working hours and maintained those changes for such a long period of time.

IIH Nordic has received numerous awards for its work environment – including being awarded Denmark’s Best Workplace 2 years in a row (in 2017 and 2018), and Henrik Stenmann is a true pioneer when it comes to creating the future workplace with increased focus on well-being and job satisfaction.

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