New Book Documents the Groundbreaking Results of a 4-Day Work Week

For the first time ever, the practical effects of a 4-day work week have been documented. The effects can be seen in the book “The Secret of the Four Day Week,” which will be published on June 3rd by Forlaget Frydenlund.

Manden der knuste kalenderen for at gøre sine medarbejdere lykkelige

The Danish company, IIH Nordic, has been working for only four days a week for over two years and the results are groundbreaking: Virtually all stress among the 45 employees has been eliminated, the results have doubled, absence due to illness is non-existent and in 2017 and 2018 they were voted as Denmark’s Best Workplace (in the IT category), as well as winning multiple awards for both their work environment and their products.

“For the first time ever, successful implementation of a 4-day work week and how it works in practice have been documented. Not just in a small 5-10 person team, but on a scale of over 45 employees. Some evidence suggests that shorter working hours can solve many of the global challenges we face; stress load, equality and digital transformation. There are even experts in the book who claim that reduced working hours can also solve the equality and climate problem. These are groundbreaking results that no one can avoid for any longer,” states author Pernille Garde Abildgaard.

Behind the 4-day work week

In 2014, Henrik Stenmann, owner of the company, IIH Nordic, decided to investigate whether it would be feasible to create a company that provides its employees with job satisfaction, leaves room for the family and creates space for professional and personal development – at the same time ensuring that all employees receive up to 50 extra days off per year. He wanted to create a company where all employees are happy.

After five years of purposeful transformation of work processes and working days, as well as implementation and testing of more than 50 different tools, the mission has actually succeeded: Employees stay more free and, paradoxically, both the company and its turnover have grown as employees have worked less. The whole secret is that it is not about how many hours we work, but about how we spend the time.

The book “The Secret of the Four Day Week” gives you the secret of success – for the first time thoroughly and independently documented. You get data and unique insights from the past two years with a 4-day work week, plus a series of simple tips and tools that you can use in your work life and present to your boss.

The author is journalist Pernille Garde Abildgaard, who has previously published “Focus Gives Freedom – Good Working Methods in a World Full of Disruptions.” The book is based on interviews with Henrik Stenmann and Danish and international experts with 100% editorial freedom, therefore documenting both the advantages and the disadvantages of a 4-day work week.
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