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Every time we talk about Nordic Life and the 4-day work week, we get many different curious, skeptical and puzzling questions about how the 4-day work week works in practice, what effect we experience and how we have made it to where we are today. The process of fundamentally changing the whole way we work has been a long and arduous one. Today, we have become much wiser about how to sustain change, and what is most important to do in order to achieve more in less time – that and much more, which you can read about below.


New Book Documents the Groundbreaking Results of a 4-Day Work Week

For the first time ever, the practical effects of a 4-day work week have been documented. The effects can be seen in the book "The Secret of the Four Day Week," which will be published…

4 Day Work Week – The Experience After 2 Years

2 Years After: The Status of the 4 Day Work Week It has been just over two years since we introduced a 4-day work week, as one of the first companies in the world to…