The background for Nordic Life

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The story behind the 4-day work week

On February 1, 2017, the company, IIH Nordic, introduced a 4-day work week for all its employees. A 30 hour work week, off on Fridays – at the same salary.

But a 4-day work week was not just implemented from one day to the next – it was the culmination of several years of work to change and optimise work culture and methods in the company. Automation, tools, standardisation and new guidelines for meetings and emails are just some of the more than 100 different measures that have been tested to increase efficiency in everyday life – and reduce wasted time.

The change has been a significant difference for the company – sickness absence has halved, stress is virtually non-existent and the overall level of well-being has increased by more than 70%. And then, paradoxically, more is produced even though employees are working less. It can be seen on the bottom line, which has doubled since the introduction of the 4-day work week.

Henrik Stenmann, the idea man behind the 4-day work week

Henrik Stenmann, CEO of IIH Nordic and the man behind Nordic Life

Henrik Stenmann is the founder and CEO of the digital agency, IIH Nordic, where more than 50 specialists work with data, digital startegy and marketing.

Interest in the 4-day work week – why we did it, and not least how it succeeded, has been massive, and for the past two years, Henrik Stenmann has held numerous talks and workshops for companies, management groups and at conferences.


Maximise value through the latest technology and continuous development of intelligent people

We can talk about increased conversion rates, traffic growth or increased ROI. But we would rather talk about being innovative, being curious and ensuring that we provide our customers with the latest knowledge and best solutions through intelligent use of technology.


Maximise quality of life through technology

Our work must be light-hearted, it must be meaningful and we must have self-determination over our lives and our time. With intelligent use of technology, we work to develop a workplace with quality of life in focus. We believe that it provides value for both our employees and our customers.

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Book a talk by the man behind the 4-day work week, Henrik Stenmann. Learn how to create a workplace where employees can achieve 5 days of work in 4 days - and gain valuable insight into how to achieve more in less time.

The Book

In the book, "The Man Who Crushed the Calendar to Make His Employees Happy," you get the whole story of the 4-day work week, learn how to work more efficiently and acquire the tools and methods you can implement in your workplace.